Down to the Wire: KDRT Needs Your Support!

Twenty years of writing about media consolidation has taught me to never take something you value for granted. Even community institutions can disappear if they are not adequately supported.

I do feel like a broken record right now, but I never shy at putting it all on the line for Davis Media Access (DMA).  As of this writing, we are two weeks away from our fiscal year end, and still $3,000 away from our fund raising goal. We usually hit this funding goal, but it’s been a struggle this year, and I’m scratching my head a bit.

Like many non-profits, Davis Media Access has varied funding streams. We have service contracts, grants, and underwriting; we offer workshops and paid production services, and we fund raise. Our annual spring funding appeal supports KDRT and our youth media programs. We offer much gratitude to all those who have generously contributed, and you can see that list here.

KDRT offers a wide range of music and pubic affairs, broadcast training, volunteer opportunities, and carefully curated syndicated shows. It takes just under $25,000 each year to pay the licenses, fees and bills that help KDRT’s all-volunteer programming staff bring you their best work. The balance of our fund raising supports a little of our staff time to mentor youth through our various programs.

I believe that KDRT builds community connections, and I also believe in my heart we’ll make our goal. But right now we need to hear from you that the work DMA does is at least as important as a cup of coffee, a lunch, a dinner…. We can’t do this without you!  Please donate today.

Thank you.