Air Your Video on DCTV

Community members can ask for a video to air on DCTV: Cable Channel 15 and Channel 99 on AT&T U-Verse.  This is called sponsoring a program, since when you sign your name to an airing, you effectively take responsibility for the airing of that program in the Davis community. 

As long as you have permission to air it, the program can be made at home or produced elsewhere (other access centers, national organizations or their local chapters, trade organizations, etc.).

Sponsored programming is one of the oldest uses of Public Access Television and is one of the cornerstones to community media in the United States.  You have a right to access the local cable system via the Public Access Televisions channel, DCTV.  

As long as the program meets DCTV's programming requirements and you have permission to air it, we'd love to show it on DCTV.   Futhermore, if the programming is already in our library, you can request that we air it again, if you'd like. 

For a summary of submission procedures and technical requirements you can download the Submitting Programming Flyer on this page

Send your completed Sponsor Statement of Compliance and Cablecast Request Form along with a DVD copy or a digital copy of the the program to: 1623 Fifth St. Ste. Davis, CA 95616.

For more information contact our Programming Manager, Alex Silva-Sadder.