Gratitude to Our Current Supporters

Thank you for your generosity!  This list includes donors from July 1, 2021 through January 2022.  Your support during our most recent 2021 Fall Fundraising in December exceeded our goal by over 55 percent - a wonderful way to end a challenging year.

During this time of continued pandemic, DMA and KDRT continue to work hard to provide locally relevant information, virtual production services, and of course, eclectic music. This is work we share with you, and we want you to know your support matters.  Donations—whether by individuals, events, local businesses, or donor-advised funds—keep KDRT on the air, and help support DMA's work on local elections and youth media services. We thank you!


$1,000 & Above

Franklin D. Fox, Via Car Donation

Ricahrd Fruto In Honor of Autumn Labbe-Renault

Linda Sharrow, Via Car Donation


Lorraine Beaman

Clyde and Ruth Bowman

Craig & Darien Blomberg

Andrea Clark, Jason Bone & the Ebbtide Family Fund In Honor of DMA's work recording school-based concerts

Dawn Student & Sharon Hale

Brian & Karen Vikstrom

Eric Zilbert Via Car Donation


Davis Parent University

Curtis Fritz

Pat Moore-Pickett Via Car Donation

Rod Moseanko In Honor of Hayden Sam

Pieter & Jeanne Pastoor

Lina Planutyte Via Car Donation

David A. Reynolds In Memory of my Dad, Robert Reynolds, who loved KDRT

Wendy Silk

John Stegall

Tim Williamson


Michael M Adams

Jeffrey Ambers In Honor of the Wild Fox Party

Annamaria Amenta

Steven Barkam

Nancy Bodily

Alison Borkowska

Rich Bradley

Mary Brazil

Sally Brazil  In Honor of Dirk Brazil and Twang Thang!

Shelly Bronzan

Gary Chew

Dennis Dahlin

Larry Fisher

Marguerite & Neal Fleming

Lucas & Stacie Frerichs

Deborah Friend

Karen Friis

Robert Fung

Dave & Joycelyn Hart

Hiram Jackson

Nikhil Joshi

Jessica Kelly

Autumn & Craig Labbe-Renault In Memory of Lee Renauklt, The Eclectic Dinosaur

Mary Ann Laumas

Eric Lee

Karen Leyse

nikki nicola

Richard Nowlin In Memory of Robert Charles Wertzberger

Dave Powell

Naomi Rayman

Benton Runquist In Honor of "It's a Twang Thang"

Peter Schiffman

Ernie Silva

Charles Snipes

Kate Snow & Bart Wise

BK Tarkington

Martha Teeter

Alexandra Tobler

Tracy Tomasky

Bill Wagman

Doug Walter


Dirk Brazil

Bill Buchanan

Preacher Cleveland

Wendall Geiss

Jim Hewlett

Alan Jackman

Dallas Kassing

Camille Kirk

Michelle & Charlie Lippert

Lee Maddex  In Honor of all the volunteers, past & present, who make KDRT the best lp-radio around!

Fran Maguire

Sara Marie  In Honor of All the Awesome Patrollers!

Patrick  McGuire

Diane McVicker

Stephen O'Neill

Pence Gallery

David Prahl  In Honor of Bob Wertzberger, may he rest in peace

Craig Reynolds  In Honor of Twang Thang

Nan Rowan

Philip Sequeira

Richard & Nancy Sequest

Nick Stidham

Judy Wydick

Carri Ziegler


John Burne

Maureen Driscoll

Arlen Feldman

Robert Fitch In Honor of Dirk Brazil & "It's a Twang Thang"

Sarah Goorjian In Support of "Davis Garden Show" & "Jazz After Dark"

Ann Onufrak  In Honor of Robert C. Wertzberger

Juelie Roggli

Edh Stanley

Robert Thayer