Gratitude to Our Current Supporters 2022-23

Thank you all for your generosity!  This list includes donors from July 1, 2022 and forward, including those who generously suppprted DMA on Giving Tuesday, as well as our Fall Fundraiser for KDRT 95.7FM.

During this time of ongoing pandemic, DMA and KDRT continue to work hard to provide locally relevant information, virtual production services, and of course, eclectic music. This is work we share with you, and we want you to know your support matters.  Donations—whether by individuals, events, local businesses, or donor-advised funds—keep KDRT on the air, and help support DMA's work on local elections and youth media services. We thank you!


$1,000 & Above

Jason Bone & Andrea Clarke

Richard Fruto

Beth Post, Via a Facebook Fundraiser

Abigail Koenig, Via Car Donation



Craig & Darien Blomberg

Cyde Bowman

Ken Braslow

Nancy Flagg

Karen Friis

Curtis Fritz

Sharon Hale & Dawn Student

Jessica Kelly, Via a volunteer hours match

Pieter & Jeanne Pastoor

Don Shor

Brian Vikstrom

Tim Williamson In Honor of "A Twang Thang"



Annamaria Amenta

Beulah & Ezra Amsterdam

Alison Borkowska

Clay Brandow In Memory of Davis teacher & coach Brent Miille

Millie & Dan Braunstein

Dirk Brazil

Mary Jo Brazil In Honor of "A Twang Thang"

Sally Brazil In Honor of "A Twang Thang"

Shelley Bronzan

Steve Burns

John Carroll III

Jessica Chabot In Honor of Don Shor, Lois Richter & Autumn Labbe-Renault

Gary Chew

Jim & Kathy Coulter

Bill Dakin

Robin Dewey

Arlene Ellis

Jeri Erskine-Ziilbert

Robert Fitch in Honor of Dirk Brazil

Margeurite & Neal Fleming

Deborah Friend

Bob & Debbie Fung

Katherine Hess

Hiram Jackson

Nikhil Joshi

Autumn & Craig Labbe-Renault In Memory of The Eclectic Dinosaur

Eric Lee

Carla Lehn

Karin Leyse

Mountain Mama In Memory of George Moore

Rod Moseanko In Memory of Hargis "Pig" Robbins

nikki niccola

Dave Powell

Benton Rundquist In Honor of 18 Years of KDRT & "A Twang Thang"

Chris Sanborn

Sandronsky-Hirsch Family Fund

Janet Saunders

Ernie Silva

Kate Snow & Bart Wise

John Steggall

Bill Wagman

Robert Williams In Honor of A Twang Thang; Na Mele O Hawai'i; Live Tracks; Silver Nine Volt Heart; Sounds So Sweet; Folk Brothers; Celtic Songlines and Awesome Patrol. Keep up the good work KDRT!

Robert Zierenberg In Honor of "A Twang Thang"

Robert Zierenberg In Honor of "Folk Brothers"



Thomas Adams

Jeffrey Ambers In Support of "The Wild Fox Party"

Buddy Awreetus

James Blackmarr

Bill Buchanan

Robert Chisholm

Diane Crumley

Nigel Delaney

Linda Duval In Memory of Cathy Speck

Richard Ellis In Memory of Shari Ellis

Jessica Friedman

David Fritz

Alan Jackman

Ken Kirsch In Memory of he Great Bob Wetrzberger. Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P. B.O.B.

Laurie Loving

Diane McVicker

Lee Maddex In Memory of Keith Birdsong and Gerald Birdsong, who passed this year

Rita Martin

David A. Reynolds

Peter Schiffman

Philip Sequiera In Honor of Tom Fay, Mike Gerell and "Davis Music Connections"

Linda Sternberg

Nick Stidham

Jeri Sykes Davis In Honor of "Davis Music Connections" and the Tom Fay Triple Play


HR Vaitla

Doug Walter

Steven Zawilla