An Imperative to Support Local Media

Davis Media Access’s community-centered work connects us to what matters: newsmakers, schools, families, youth, teachers, local elections, policy makers, community activists, neighborhoods, social justice activists, other non-profits, businesses, libraries, veterans, senior citizens, musicians, artists, and more. Teaching people to create media, and providing a vibrant community learning center with a mind-boggling array of services, is what DMA has done for 30 years.

These are weird and woolly times for media nationally, which ups the imperative to support truly community-based, independent media outlets in the precious few places where they still thrive. This is what DMA and KDRT do, and it’s what we stand for.

But, we need your help, and invite you to be part of DMA’s ongoing work. If you haven’t yet donated, please do so before June 30. Our fiscal year ends then, and we’re still $4,000 from meeting our goal of $30,000. Donations of all sizes are needed, but it’s important that you proudly declare your support today. You may donate online here or mail a check to 1623 5th St. Ste. A, Davis, CA 95616.

Please help us continue providing the wide range of valuable services we offer the community! And deep gratitude to to all who have done so already. Davis Media Access — Many Voices, One Community


Autumn Labbe-Renault, Executive Director