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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all orientations and workshops at DMA will be rescheduled or conducted virtually. If you have already signed up we will reach out to you shortly with details.
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Intro to Podcasting II (Audio) - Open Editing Session Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 7:00pm

<p>Part of our new re-vamped podcasting workshop series!</p>

<p>An extra technical skills and editing session for those who have started to make their podcasts. We can look at any problems you might be having recording or editing, and practice techniques you might need to edit, clean up and master your audio. Priority will be for those who need help first rather than those who missed <b>Introduction to Podcasting II (Audio) - Technical Skills, Recording &amp; Editing</b></p>


GreenScreen Workshop - Fun with Chroma Keying! Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 7:00pm

<p>Chroma keying AKA greenscreen is a great way to add production value (and VisualFX!) to your project, but you need to understand how it all works in order to avoid making your project look cheap with poor quality greenscreen work. This workshop will introduce you to the principles of chroma keying using some fun little projects! We will cover how to shoot green screen material, how to light a screen (typically green) for the best results, how to utilize DMA&rsquo;s studio green wall, how to set up your keys in Final Cut Pro X and some useful Apps you can get. <i>Lecture w/ hands-on and Q&amp;A.</i></p>

PSA Day 2019 Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 10:00am

<p>As your community media center, Davis Media Access (DMA) works with 501c3 non-profits and community-based organizations to tell their stories&mdash;stories that create the fabric of our shared life in community. Here are the many benefits of participating in PSA Day at DMA:</p>

<p>&middot; Your PSA will highlight your organization, as well as provide information on how to contact you via your website and phone number</p>

<p>&middot; Your PSA will air throughout the year on DCTV channel 15 on Comcast, and Menu 99 on ATT U-verse,&nbsp;on DMA&rsquo;s website and YouTube channel, and your contact information graphic will rotate on DCTV&rsquo;s Community Billboard.</p>

<p>&middot; We will provide you with the video PSA. Participants tell us they use their PSA on their websites, Facebook and their Giving Edge profile.</p>

<p>&middot; You will be able to request specific times you would like additional airings of your PSA, for example, to coincide with a month of recognition that highlights your services</p>

<p>Our production staff will make sure that creating the PSA will not take too much time out of your day, and will be fun and easy in the process.</p>

<p>All you need to do is choose which day and time slot for your recording. Time slots are 45 minutes. Although you might not need all that time, we do not want to rush you though the process. You can choose to receive a script template or craft your own script. We will put it in a teleprompter, so you can just read it directly without the need for memorization.</p>

<p>We can brand your PSA with your logo if you can provide a high-resolution logo in advance. PSAs will be licensed Creative Commons unless otherwise requested.</p>

<p>There are other video services for non-profits available in the Sacramento Valley, but with their prices starting at $400 per hour, PSA Day production services for your completed PSA at a flat $100 represents a tremendous value.&nbsp; This fee is for one PSA only.&nbsp;</p>

<p>PSA day will be held Tuesday March 12 &amp; Wednesday March 13, 10am&ndash;6pm, with production slots open at the top of every hour. For more info please email diane@davismedia.org</p>

<p>Deadline to schedule your PSA is Thursday, February 28, 2019&nbsp;6pm.</p>

<p>Please view PSA Day 2018&nbsp;to see what your PSA would look like:</p>

<p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/6BReYLoU0yM" width="560"></iframe></p>

<p>We look forward to seeing you at your community media center, Davis Media Access!</p>

Intro to Podcasting III (Audio) - Distribution, Hosting & Sponsorship Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 7:00pm

<p>Part of our new re-vamped podcasting workshop series!</p>

<p>In this session we will discuss options for the hosting and distribution of your podcast, as well as marketing your podcast building on your knowledge of your audience. We&rsquo;ll also discuss some of the considerations of having sponsors and how that can affect your distribution &amp; potentially your future content.</p>

<p><i>Lecture and Q&amp;A.</i></p>

Storytelling for Non-Profits I - Internal Storytelling (2 day workshop) Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 1:00pm


<p>2 Days</p>

<p>Wednesday, Mar.&nbsp;20, 2018&nbsp;-&nbsp;1-5 p.m.&nbsp;<i>w/break&nbsp;</i></p>

<p>Friday, &nbsp; Mar. 22, 2018&nbsp;-&nbsp;1-5 p.m.&nbsp;<i>w/break</i></p>

<p>Every non-profit organization has dozens of stories they need and want to tell! Impact stories, fundraising needs, event successes, mission and vision stories, volunteer recruitment and board orientations, the list can seem endless.&nbsp; Stories that feature real people and use real voices have the greatest impact because person to person storytelling has been used for thousands of years and is fundamentally part of every human culture. As technology and the surrounding culture have changed so has the means and variety of storytelling. We are now in an age where digital forms of communication are starting to dominate.&nbsp;</p>

<p>How does storytelling differ from simply conveying information? How can we <b>best</b> utilize digital forms of storytelling (audio &amp; video) to tell the stories we need to tell, as well as those we feel compelled in our souls to tell? What stories <b>should</b> we be telling that might not come to mind?</p>

<p>This first workshop will cover what we are referring to as Internal Storytelling. Internal refers to the inward facing nature of these types of stories. These are the stories meant to convey and strengthen the internal culture of a non-profit so everyone is on the same page about mission, values, goals and objectives. Internal stories cover mission statements, board, staff and volunteer orientation, and recruitment stories.&nbsp; These stories may be seen by the public, but they are meant to strengthen the internals of an organization.&nbsp;</p>

<p>External storytelling is the type meant to strengthen the external bonds with the community. This outwards facing storytelling covers fundraising outreach, impact stories (mainly because these are external client stories), event coverage, social media posts, etc. Please see our April schedule for our workshop <b>Storytelling for Non-Profits<i> </i>II - External Storytelling </b>for more on this side of storytelling.&nbsp;</p>

<p>As part of the two days of this workshop we will cover<b>:</b></p>

<li><b>Storytelling - how this differs from simply communicating information</b></li>
<li><b>Storytelling Strategy - Which stories your organization needs to tell to strengthen itself?</b></li>
<li><b>Creating a Storytelling Plan for the direction, development and creation of your stories&nbsp;</b></li>
<li><b>What are the options for the form of each story and how each can be used effectively&nbsp;</b></li>
<li><b>Developing your stories so they inspire action&nbsp;</b></li>
<li><b>The tools available for the planning, recording and structuring of media pieces to convey your stories</b></li>
<li><b>Technical skills &amp; tips for recording, editing, and polishing your stories</b></li>
<li><b>Thinking about follow through, measuring success, and growing your capacity for storytelling</b></li>

<p>Each participant will create for their non-profit of choice, even if it is only a practice run:</p>

<li>a mission statement/values video</li>
<li>a board recruitment/experiences video</li>
<li>a volunteer outreach video (focusing on the value to volunteers of helping the non-profit)</li>

<p><i>Participants should have a recording device (such as a smart phone), and a 8GB or larger USB drive to store and transfer images (larger if you have videos). A laptop is also useful.</i></p>

General Orientation Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 6:30pm

<p>Curious about KDRT, DCTV or DJUSD Channel 17, and want to learn how Davis Media Access can help you? Plan to attend one of our General Orientations!</p>

<p>Orientations last about an hour and include the history of Davis Media Access, a tour of the facilities, and information on how to get involved.</p>

<p>Anyone is welcome to attend an Orientation, but to use the facility for your own productions you must live, go to school, or volunteer at an organization in Davis, CA. Davis Media Access does not charge for the use of our equipment and facilities, but attending a General Orientation is mandatory.</p>

DCTV Television Studio Workshop Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 3:30pm

<p>Training for how to crew for a DCTV television production. You will learn how to operate a studio camera, floor manage, and run the audio board in the control room. You’ll also learn how to set up and tear down the studio for a production, including the proper stowing of cables, configuring lighting, setting up microphones, and flipping the On-Air switch! Hands-on demonstration w/ Q.& A. Please wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing! Free, but registration required.