Hollywood at Home - Collaborative Video Fun!

We'll be making a video together online! Using our smartphones and some elbow grease we will show Hollywood how to make movies during a lockdown!  We'll start by generating inspiration for a collaborative idea that we can each shoot parts of at home using what we have available to us.  We’ll learn to storyboard and script together and focus our ideas, recognizing that being apart might lead to some crazy funny things!  Each person will then shoot portions of the script at home using the cameras built into their phone.  We will share our segments using an online video editor called WeVideo (DMA has a classroom account), and have fun trying to piece together everyone’s different parts. 

Over five days, we will cover:

  • Day 1:  Ideas, storyboards and script
  • Day 2:  Creative costumes (made or gathered on your own time) and locations (around your home)
  • Day 3:  Shooting-for-the-edit and acting when other people are not there
  • Day 4:  How to use online editing to work together remotely
  • Day 5:  Finishing it all off with some sound effects and music

In general you'll learn about framing and lighting, how to edit video, basic storytelling skills, using music to create mood and how sound can tell the story!

Students will have to complete tasks in between sessions including gathering or making costumes and shooting their parts of the story

Taught by Alex Silva-Sadder, Davis Media Access' Programming & Training Manager. Alex manages, among other things, DMA's Summer Youth Workshops, mentors the Davis Teen Animators Club, and has been helping teach volunteers, kids and teens video production skills at DMA for over 12 years. He enjoys watercolors, animation, video games and film.


For Ages 9-12, a single workshop over 5 days, Monday August 10 - Friday August 14, from 3 - 5 PM online. Each day we'll do a 2-hour Zoom and/or WeVideo session (with break in middle).

Max 8 students.

Please register by no later than Thursday August 6th.

Cost is $100 per student.


    Cost for the workshop is payable in advance.

    Attendance at all sessions is required.

    Participation in this workshop is limited to 8 students.

    This workshop is delivered online via Zoom and WeVideo. DMA has WeVideo accounts for students to use. Information will be sent before the workshop starts.

    Students must have access to a computer with the internet/video chat capacity, and have access to a smartphone that can take photos and video for upload.

    Access to craft supplies is useful but not required.

    Students should have the ability to shoot scenes in or outside their home, following whatever rules their parents have set down. They might make noise.

    There will be assignments to complete (e.g. 'Make a costume from a paper bag!') between sessions of the workshop.

    Registration is first-come, first-served.

As parent/guardian, you affirm, that:

    My student understands they must attend all scheduled sessions of the workshop to effectively participate and there will be no make up sessions.

    I understand the Workshop Refund Policy stated below.

Workshop Refund Policy


If you change your mind about attending a workshop, please contact us immediately.

Fees paid to DMA will be refunded based on the following policy:

    Full refund if requested 7 days or more in advance of the start date

    No refunds will be given less than 7 days prior to the start date

Refunds for card transactions will be credited back to the card used within 48 hours of refund request.

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