A Note From the Director

For many years, I have lived and breathed my purpose here: what services we offer, how they work to serve the community, and how to tweak and refine them when necessary. It’s been my personal mission to anchor Davis Media Access deeply in this community, providing services that meet a wide variety of needs. With an incredible team comprising board, staff, volunteers, partners, and community supporters, I know we’ve been successful.

Just as we meet needs, though, we also have them. Right now, DMA is in the thick of its annual fundraising, with a must-meet goal of $25,000 by June 1. This annual campaign is what provides the money to keep KDRT-LP 95.7 FM on the air. It also allows DMA devote resources to local elections and youth-media efforts. It facilitates media and technology training in a myriad of ways.

We participated in the Big Day of Giving, and our experience on May 5 was incredible! In one day, we met close to half our annual goal. I give a big shout-out here to our many donors—many of them first-time donors to DMA—and to Jessica Kelly, who submitted the very first donation of the Big Day, netting DMA a $5,000 prize. We had a wonderful event downtown at The Wardrobe in which we made many new friends. But the Big Day is just part of the picture. We do this work every day of the year, and have done so for nearly 26 years, and right now, we need your support.

We are still quite a ways out from our goal. If you have already donated, I thank you.  If you watch, listen, participate or just appreciate our locally based democratic media, and haven't yet donated, now is the time. You can donate online, or mail a check made out to Davis Media Access, 1623 Fifth Street, Ste A, Davis, CA 95616.

DMA’s services and programs are made possible by community support. From the bottom of my community-loving heart, thank you!

Autumn Labbe-Renault

Executive Director

Note From the Director

It’s mid-July, and on this particular day, the peasants pushed past the guards to commandeer my office. I’d be more alarmed, but the peasants are all short, around 10 years old, and remarkably good–natured. Welcome to the third of four summer youth camps at Davis Media Access (DMA). As far as I can tell, their collaborative production this week centers loosely on Shakespeare and carries an anti-bullying theme.

Summer here at DMA is largely about the kids—building skills in media production, project management, and collaboration. It’s also a time when staff has a chance to work on projects that we may not be able to get to during the busy academic year—and oddly enough, using the same skill sets! As a small non-profit straddling the realms of media, technology and community development, we work in a state of constant change. This summer, we’re evaluating how our programs and services need to also change to meet community need. I’ll share more next month. In the meantime, may your summer be joyful & free of marauders.

In community,

Autumn Labbe-Renault

We Did It! Gratitude to Our Supporters

Thanks to YOU, our community of supporters, Davis Media Access (DMA) met its annual fundraising goal of $25,000 by June 30. This money provides most of the operational funds to keep KDRT 95.7 FM on the air, and also supports staff time for some of our key projects, including youth media projects and local election coverage. With a lot of non-profits doing great work locally, strong donor support is validation for all the work we do in the community, and we thank each and every one of you! See our complete donor list.

Looking for a Few Good Interns

Davis Media Access is expanding its internships opportunities for the Fall quarter.  DMA's interships offer opportunities in all areas of Radio and Television production, from behind the camera to in front of the microphone.

KDRT, our low-power community radio station, is looking for some interns eager to gain experience in the following areas: Publicity and Social Media; Music Acquisitions and Curation; and Audio Production. Find out more.

For video production internships this fall. Interns get trained and develop hands-on experience in location-based video shoots.  We are also looking for interns to help with our video archive of over 10,000 locally produced programs.


From the Mailbag

Lynne Nittler, Interfaith Climate Conference Chair, writes ...

I've had time to listen to all the edited videos from March 6 & 7 and post the links in a blog on our website.  The ones of Kathleen Dean Moore and the panel are terrific.  I see why it really is so worthwhile to have professionals doing a video.  Thank you so much.  I'm hoping that many more individuals will get to hear the speakers now.  It's so heartening when non-profits reach out to help one another as they can, and in this case the tapes will allow us to extend the reach of the conference into our faith communities and beyond.  Many individuals were touched by the keynote addresses and the panel, and you have provided us with the means to carry that dialogue out into the community. Thank you for your fine work!


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