For Individuals

Sponsor a video on DCTV

Community members can request to sponsor a video on DCTV Comcast Channel 15. As long as you have permission to air it, the program can be made at home or produced elsewhere (other access centers, national organizations or their local chapters, trade organizations, etc.) As a sponsor, you effectively take responsibility for the airing of that program in the Davis community. 

Become an Intern

Unfortunately, due to limited access to our facility, we are not accepting interns at this time.    We will update this page when we are able to accept them again.   Davis Media Access offers a limited amount of 4 month, non-paid internship positions.  Read about them below, scroll to PDF descriptions for details on how to apply.  

DJUSD Production Internship: DJUSD Students can gain hands-on experience and exposure to many aspects of community television production. Specifically, this internship focuses on video coverage of DJUSD events like football games, volleyball games, drama productions and orchestra performances.


DCTV Studio Talk Show Host Internship: This internship focuses on interviewing guests on “In the Studio,” a locally produced television program.  The intern gains the experience of working in a studio environment; receives coaching in hosting and on-air presence; and leaves with a professional video reel.

KDRT Radio Production Internship:  This internship focuses on weekly, time sensitive community radio tasks such as producing KDRT promos and underwriting carts, updating syndicated shows, or producing events calenders.

DCTV Video Archive Internship:  This internship focuses on maintaining the DCTV video digitization station, pulling relevant shows from the library for ingest, or editing archival footage as needed.

KDRT Social Media Internship:  This internship focuses on researching and create social-media content, publishing events and activities to online calendars, helping to maintain master calendars and blog posts.

KDRT Music Acquisitions Internship: This internship focuses on downloading new music acquisitions, review new music, manage weekly new-music announcements, and manage physical musical library and electronic databases.