Become a DCTV Video Producer

Davis Community Television (DCTV) is our community's public access channel, and a project of Davis Media Access. Much of DCTV's programming is produced by volunteers. Programming airs on Comcast Channel 15 in Davis, and on Menu 99 on AT&T's U-verse. DMA also makes a wide variety of programming available at and on YouTube.

Public access television provides community members with the following:

  • Access to video & television equipment
  • Skills building in digital media production
  • Practice time in a professional studio environment
  • A channel and related distribution resources
  • Ongoing training and networking opportunities

The first step to learning about opportunities for video production through DCTV is to attend a General Orientation. DCTV's services and equipment are available to those who, work, live, study or volunteer in Davis and are at least 14 years of age. See also: Rules & Policies