DMA Podcast Services Overview

DMA offers equipment, training, advice and various services that cover a good portion of the media landscape. This page focuses on DMA’s audio podcasting services and capabilities.   If you have questions please contact Jeff Shaw at 530.757.2419 x 14 or email


Creating a podcast can be generalized into three areas: Planning, Production, and Publication.  What is needed by anyone at each stage might vary, so DMA has broken things down based on the level of support that might be needed, and what DMA can do given its mission, values, and operational capacity.

What follows are the general levels of service and support DMA offers for Podcasts, from ‘I just need a mic & recorder,’ to ‘I need help making a 3 episode podcast about cats,’ to ‘Our team has research results, and our grant will cover paying DMA to help produce a podcast series.’

Level One

A volunteer (independently or as part of a non-profit) simply needs equipment access to record their podcast.  The volunteer reserves/checks out equipment and uses their own knowledge to operate it. The volunteer is responsible for the knowledge and operation of the equipment, as well as for the planning, production, and publication of their podcast. DMA does not offer direct production support, just general tech support to ensure that the equipment works.   Volunteers are expected to take whatever orientations/classes are required to reserve and checkout equipment, which are not always available.  The KDRT studio, portable podcast studio, mics, recorders, etc. can all be utilized this way.  Scheduling is generally first come, first serve.

Level Two

The client wants DMA to provide equipment and a staff member to operate it for the production of the podcast, but handles their own podcast content planning and publication.  Depending on the details, this level of support will likely require a fee to be charged.  Recording is covered as part of the production, while post-production/editing is NOT.  Editing services are available ala carte.

Level Three

The client needs additional support in the planning, production and/or publication of their podcast.  This support might be part of any stage, the Planning and pre-production, the Production and the post-production, and/or Publication stages.  DMA can be hired to do it all, or to help at various stages, with various aspects, as well as provide and operate the equipment.  Various packages or ala a carte services are available. 


Because a producer or potential client doesn’t always know what level of support they might need initially, DMA offers Consultations.  DMA starts with a free consultation and we progress from there.  DMA also offers Classes and Workshops which might serve some of the same needs.  Please check those out on our website.  

  • Free Consult up to 1hr (background on you and your project, general considerations, options you have for Planning, Production, and Publication)
  • Paid Consult by hour (specific development, Content Planning, Identity/branding/graphics, monetization, custom training)

We use our Podcast Consultation Guidelines to make sure we cover everything, but also welcome a list of questions or other items you'd like to discuss.