Become a Board Member

DAVIS, CA--September 2022

Davis Media Access (DMA) is seeking new board members who are invested in DMA's community-building work, and are familiar with Davis or the broader Yolo County community.

DMA is an award-winning 501 (c)(3) nonprofit community media and technology center that provides media education and local platforms to engage the community in dialogue and showcase creative expression. It is home to DCTV Public Access Channel 15, DJUSD Educational Access Channel 17 and Low-power community radio station KDRT 95.7 FM.

DMA partners with and provides support to a broad range of other local nonprofits, public sector entities and community-based groups. During the pandemic, DMA has been a resource for technical production assistance, event coverage and local news, playing an important role in connecting our community and documenting our shared history. Local election coverage, youth media, and capacity building are hallmarks of our community engagement work.

While DMA does many different things, it is nonetheless a small, locally based organization with a handful of paid staff, supported by many community volunteers. We are seeking board applicants from many walks of life, and from all age categories, including those who have school -age children, involved with the local business community, have different professional backgrounds, and are from different cultural backgrounds and the LGBTQ+ community. Our goal is to build a DMA board that reflects the diverse demographic groups that make up our local community.

DMA is particularly interested in expanding our expertise via new board members who have skills in analyzing budgets, evaluating DMA’s overall operations with an understanding of the communities that DMA serves, and in developing creative, innovative responses when challenging circumstances arise.

As the only such media-oriented nonprofit in Yolo County, DMA’s services extend beyond Davis city boundaries, and board members may reside elsewhere in Yolo County (outside Davis city limits).

DMA’s five-member board is appointed to govern the organization, and to provide guidance and strategic advice. Members are appointed for two-year terms. The DMA board meets 9-10 times per year, meetings typically run about 90 minutes. Meetings are sometimes held in person in Davis, but have recently been conducted via ZOOM, and may also be conducted via a hybrid model, depending upon future circumstances. Currently, meetings take place on the first Thursday of the month.

Board members participate on one committee, and also assist in some capacity with annual fundraising, duties which require approximately an additional 15-20 hours per year.

If interested, please complete the  Board Member Application, which outlines responsibilities and commitments. Questions may be emailed to