Davis Media Access Staff

We are a small staff charged with a big mission, which we accomplish with the help of many wonderful volunteers. Our staff works collaboratively, but key areas of responsibility generally fall as follows: Management Team - Autumn Labbe-Renault, Darrick Servis and Jeff Shaw comprise DMA's management team. All three work with the board on short- and long-term strategic planning, and have major oversight for DMA's initiatives and services.


Executive Director - Autumn Labbe Renault: Autumn has key responsibility for initiatives and partnerships, grants and grant administration, resource development, legal, finance, and overall management of staff and facilities. She serves as an ex officio member of DMA's board. Autumn represents DMA at many community functions, and also handles the bulk of outreach and promotion. She works full-time and is the office Tuesday-Friday.



Director of Operations - Darrick Servis: Darrick handles day-to-day operations, works with Autumn on finances and budgets, and develops and maintains our websites. Darrick is also our technical guru, with responsibility for our computers, video and audio equipment. That sells it short, but you get the picture. Darrick is the lead on our Drupal development work, and helped develop the automation modules for the Rivedell system we use with KDRT. He works full time and is in the office Tuesday-Friday.


Production Manager - Jeff Shaw: Jeff manages productions for both DCTV Channel 15 and DJUSD Channel 17. There's much involved with each of those, but essentially, requests for volunteers and event coverage are all routed through Jeff. He recruits, manages and trains our high-school interns, and serves as liaison for many contacts in the DJUSD, City and community at large. In his "spare" time, a small portion of Jeff's time is allocated as "station manager" for KDRT. He monitors and deals with FCC regulations and filings, licensing and other such issues for KDRT. (Day-to-day management of and resource development for KDRT is the purview of the all-volunteer KDRT Steering Committee.) Jeff works full time and is in the office Tuesday-Friday.


Programming & Training Manager - Alex Silva-Sadder: schedules DCTV Channel 15 and DJUSD Channel 17, monitors the video programming and coordinates the import of volunteer shows, local productions and satellite programming, as well as maintains the show content for the DCTV and DJUSD.tv websites, and DCTV's Community Bulletin Board.  Alex also oversees and teaches most of DMA's various workshop offerings and conducts the General Orientation for new volunteers.  He also runs DMA's Summer Youth Workshops and serves as the mentor for the Davis Teen Animator's Club, based at DMA.  Alex works full time and is in the office Tuesday-Friday.


Studio Manager - Diane Dedoshka: Diane works part-time managing DCTV's studio productions. The studio shoots are learning labs for community members, and Diane often trains people "on the fly." Her background as a producer for commercial television has brought a new level of professionalism to our community productions, and we are grateful she is sharing her time and talent with us.