Virtual Event Services

COVID-19 has challenged many organizations to produce once-live events in a safe and remote manner.  Davis Media Access (DMA) provides services to help you move your event online. 

The bullet points below represent the range of questions and possibilities that arise when planning a virtual event. In a free initial consultation, DMA staff will walk through the process and help determine what potential components will help you realize a successful event. To schedule an initial consultation, please email us at Please note: DMA has limited staff capacity each month for these events, and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Costs typically run between $800-$2,000 depending on the length and complexity of the even, but may exceed that depending on the hours required. In addition to assistance during the event, DMA will assist with the program, event registration, and a practice run.

Please note DMA adheres to the ideals of physical distancing to the fullest extent possible. This means limiting close-contact interaction, and objects passed between people.  As a result, we are currently unable to assist in person, in any capacity with the event, including setting up or operating equipment “on location.”  We also encourage hosts, co-hosts, presenters, and other talent to all be in remote locations.

How DMA can help

  • Assistance with simple pre-recorded elements
  • Recommendations for production of more complex elements
  • Discussion of networking capacity
  • Clear communication with event registrants
  • Finalize event elements including guests, assets and cue sheet
  • Pre-production instruction for optimal lighting, audio, resolution
  • Direct the event, by switching the visual elements determined by the cue sheet  i.e. cutting between hosts, guests, and assets
  • Keeping the show on time via communication with producer and on air talent
  • Post-production work such as making the live event available for later viewing
  • Free or paid event registration
  • Public or private url for event
  • Email harvesting for later use in outreach
  • Send email updates to attendees

Event Elements & Things to Consider

  • Hosts/Co-hosts - who will run the program?
  • Pre-recorded video messages (i.e. message from the president, non-profit partner highlights).
  • Presentations (i.e. Ted Talks, Powerpoint)
  • Q&A
  • Award presentation
  • Raffles
  • Up to 100 interactive participants (can vote on polls, ask questions via video/audio)
  • Unlimited viewers (can take part in live chat)
  • What elements you would like to have for the event (i.e., thanks to our sponsors, introduction by host,  pre-recorded message from the board chair, conversation with major donors, raffle update, etc.)
  • How will the event open and close?
  • How interactive do you want it to be?  (attendees can ask questions via audio/video, vote on submitted questions, polls, raffles, live chat)
  • How many participants/attendees and how many non-interactive viewers?
  • What is your level of comfort for technical difficulties? 
  • How technically proficient is your staff?  How hands on/off do you want to be?