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P1060827Gracias a Jesús y Kate para su visita, su visión, su pasión para justicia, y para esta pintura mural hermosa. Esto es un regalo durable a la gente de Davis, y esperamos que esto cause la amistad durable y la unión con la gente de Oaxaca.

Note: This column was originally published in The Davis Enterprise on October 25, 2008.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared at the large, blank wall on the east side of the Davis Media Access (DMA) building on Fifth Street. Beige, bland and empty except for a sign that still needs to be updated (note: it's been updated, Oct. 15--check it out!), I’ve long thought the wall is just crying out for a mural. But it’s one of those projects we have perpetually put off in the face of more pressing needs at this community media center.

Update from Our Muralist

March 20, 2009 Jesus Kobe continues to paint murals and advocate for the Oaxacan people. A new website,, highlights the work of Jesus and compadres as they continue to bring attention to events in this region of Southern Mexico. There's a link to the DMA mural in the archives section at this site. Kate writes occasionally to keep us apprised of unfolding events. Their website is a good link to information about the continued struggle The mural continues to draw attention and comments daily, and serves as a potent reminder of the struggle of people everywhere for basics rights & freedoms. We wish Jesus, Kate much luck & fortitude in their continued work.