PSA Day 2018

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As your community media center, Davis Media Access (DMA) works with 501c3 non-profits and community-based organizations to tell their stories—stories that create the fabric of our shared life in community. Here are the many benefits of participating in PSA Day at DMA:

· Your PSA will highlight your organization, as well as provide information on how to contact you via your website and phone number

· Your PSA will air throughout the year on DCTV channel 15 on Comcast, and Menu 99 on ATT U-verse, on DMA’s website and YouTube channel, and your contact information graphic will rotate on DCTV’s Community Billboard.

· We will provide you with the video PSA so that you can embed it into your own website

· You will be able to request specific times you would like additional airings of your PSA, for example, to coincide with a month of recognition that highlights your services

Our production staff will make sure that creating the PSA will not take too much time out of your day, and will be fun and easy in the process.

All you need to do is choose which day and time slot for your recording. Time slots are 45 minutes. Although you might not need all that time, we do not want to rush you though the process. You will receive a script ahead of time and will fill in the blanks, as well as confirm the information you would like us to put on the screen such as web address and phone number. We will put the script in a teleprompter, so you can just read it directly without the need for memorization.

And we can brand your PSA with your logo if you can provide a high-resolution logo in advance.

There are other video services for non-profits available in the Sacramento Valley, but with their prices starting at $350 per hour, PSA Day production services for your completed PSA at a flat $100 represents a tremendous value.  This fee is for one PSA only. 

PSA day will be held Wednesday February 7 & Thursday Feb. 8, 10am–6pm, with production slots open at the top of every hour. For more info please email

Deadline to schedule your PSA is January 31, 2018 6pm.

Please view PSA Day 2017 to see what your PSA would look like:

We look forward to seeing you at your community media center, Davis Media Access!

February 7th, 2018 10:00 AM through February 8th, 2018 5:00 PM
1623 5TH ST
DAVIS, CA 95616-3966
United States
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Phone: 530.757.2419
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March 12th 10am $ 100.00
March 12th 11am $ 100.00
March 12th 12pm $ 100.00
March 12th 1pm $ 100.00
March 12th 2pm $ 100.00
March 12th 3pm $ 100.00
March 12th 4pm $ 100.00
March 12th 5pm $ 100.00
March 13th 10am $ 100.00
March 13th 11am $ 100.00
March 13th 12pm $ 100.00
March 13th 1pm $ 100.00
March 13th 2pm $ 100.00
March 13th 3pm $ 100.00
March 13th 4pm $ 100.00
March 13th 5pm $ 100.00