2011 Community Access Preservation Act

2011 Community Access Preservation Act

CAP Act Introduced in Congress

The Community Access Preservation Act (CAP Act) of 2011, H.R. 1746, was introduced in Congress on May 5, 2011, by Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Congressman Steven La Tourette (R-OH).

Passage of the CAP Act will ensure continued operational funding for community media centers in states all across the nation.

The CAP Act:

  • Removes the distinction between "capital" and "operating" in PEG* support fees.
  • Ensures local governments can secure funding for PEG channels in exchange for cable operators' use of public rights-of-way and makes sure local government can have PEG channels.
  • Requires cable operators transmit the PEG channels without charge to the local government.
  • Requires the FCC to undertake a study of PEG.

* PEG = Public, Educational, and Government

Read the full text of the Community Access Preservation Act.

Our Congressional Representative, Mike Thompson (D-Napa) has been a strong supporter of community media and should be thanked for his support.

You can use these talking points, a press release and more information from the Alliance for Community Media, our national advocate fighting to protect community media!