Community Access Preservation Act of 2009

Davis Media Access Board of Directors RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF HR 3745, the Community Access Preservation Act WHEREAS, public, educational and government (PEG) channels play a significant role in the City of Davis and Yolo County, are a unique and valuable resource for local information and debate on issues for the residents of Yolo County and the City of Davis; and WHEREAS, Davis Media Access (DMA) is a non-profit community media center offering community members the tools and training to create their own video and audio programming, to document important moments and traditions in community life, preserving them for the future; and WHEREAS, Davis Media Access’ DCTV Channel 15, a public access channel, provides a window through which residents can view local cultural events, entertainment, faith-based programming, news and opinion and artistic endeavors in their local community; and WHEREAS, the City of Davis Government Channel 16 televises local government meetings, including city council, planning commission and school board meetings, so that citizens are informed about the actions taken by local elected officials; and WHEREAS, Educational Access Channel 17 provides the community with programs and resources for parents, students and educators, as well as coverage of many school-based events and hands-on technical education and training; and WHEREAS, PEG channels contribute to the democratic process by providing opportunities for candidates and others, such as the League of Women Voters, local political parties and community election forums sponsored by many different organizations to discuss local issues during election campaigns; and WHEREAS, it is important to preserve PEG channels and funding for PEG channels, and to ensure that the channels continue to be available to the entire community to serve the residents of Yolo County and Davis; and WHEREAS, HR 3745, the Community Access Preservation (CAP) Act, provides important solutions for critical and immediate threats to PEG. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The Davis Media Access Board of Directors, on behalf of our many supporters, volunteers, producers, audience members and nonprofit organizations, supports immediate passage of HR 3745; and Be it further resolved that the Davis Media Access Board of Directors calls on our Congressional delegation to take all possible actions in support of the passage of HR 3745, including but not limited to endorsing, co-sponsoring and voting for HR 3745, and to work for its rapid passage. Passed by unanimous approval of the Board of Directors, Jan. 6, 2010. _________________________________ Andrea Jones, Board President Community Access Preservation Act of 2009