Davis to Chinatown Rising

In 2001, Josh Chuck and Greg Louie were roommates and students at UC Davis. Using the facilities at Davis Media Access (then called Davis Community Television), the duo produced 12 episodes of “Davision,” a college variety show.

Today, Louie is a Los Angeles-based Emmy-award winning film and television editor, with two screening credits at Sundance Film Festival. Louie edited Chuck’s first feature-length documentary, which premiered at CAAMFest 2019 earlier this month. The film explores community identity, generational legacy, social unrest, and media making in San Francisco’s Chinatown during the 1960s. It’s a film about change, through the lens of youth. It features both original footage and interviews with activists 45 years later.

Chuck got in touch recently and said, “We often talk fondly about our days in Davis, and are amazed how such a humble and fun beginning has become a way to make a difference in our communities. So thanks for what you do and please keep up the good work."

Thanks for your support, Josh, and congrats on your film! https://www.chinatownrising.com/ @chinatownrising @californiahumanities #communitymedia #communityidentity #sanfrancisco #chinatown #activists #asianamerican #filmmakers #DavisCA #ucdgrads #documentary #communitymediachangeslives