From the director

From the pace our staff and volunteers set in January, 2014 promises to be a most exciting year. We just hosted a concert in the DCTV studio on Feb. 4, in collaboration with the Davis Live Music Collective; we’ll record Congressman John Garamendi’s Town Hall forum Feb. 8 in Davis; help approximately 15 Yolo County non-profits to create public service announcements in the TV studio Feb. 12-13; and produce a plethora of local election programming for the June election.

Also, new for us, we are participating in the regional Day of Giving, May 6, 2014. I’ll write more about that in our next newsletter.

I’m also pleased to share with you a variety of programing highlight; dates and registration info for new workshops; information about this kid vid and animation workshops; and much more. And if you would like a policy update this month, please check out my recent blog post here

In community,
Autumn Labbe-Renault
Executive Director

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