DMA assists Davis Schools Foundation with video contest

Davis Schools Foundation "School Matters!" Video Contest for DJUSD Students:

What is it?
An opportunity for Davis students, grades K through 12, to spotlight
their creativity by producing 90-second (or shorter) Public Service
Announcement videos. Working in groups of up to four, students can
either work under the guidance of staff members from Davis Media Access
at one of two workshops, or can produce the videos on their own. Entries
must be submitted to Davis Media Access by May 7, 2010.

Who can enter?
Any Davis resident in grades K through 12 can enter with their parent or
guardian’s permission.

What do the judges want to see?
Judges are looking for students to creatively demonstrate why supporting
Davis Schools Foundation is important. Videos should focus on awesome
activities or programs in the Davis Schools that funding from the Davis
Schools Foundation will help to save. Challenge your parents to donate
to what you care about. For more information about Davis Schools
Foundation, visit:

Each video will be evaluated on:

(50%) Content: Does it demonstrate the topic persuasively?

(30%) Creativity: Does it hold the audience’s interest?

(20%) Video Production: Can the audience clearly see and hear the video?

What if you don't have any video equipment?
Come use the Davis Media Access facility (including field cameras) on
April 22 and April 27 between 3:30pm and 6:00pm. No need to sign up,
just come in & we'll make equipment available to you!

What are the prizes?
First Prize (elementary): $100 Target Gift Card
First Prize (junior high): $100 Target Gift Card
First Prize (high school): $100 Target Gift Card

In addition, all entries will be featured on Davis Media Access Local
Cable Channel 15 and DJUSD Educational Access Channel 17. They will be
posted on the Davis Schools Foundation website, the web
site and on YouTube.

Read and Print the Entry Form and Instructions! Here