Feb 25 Wireside Chat with Lawrence Lessig

[img_assist|nid=230|title=WiresideChatFeb25|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=300|height=227]Davis Media Access (DMA) will host a "wireside chat"with Lawrence Lessig on Thursday, Feb. 25 from 3-4:30 p.m. The event is being webcast live from Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and made available to host organizations in cities around the country.

Lessig has been described as the "foundational voice of the free culture movement" and was recently featured on Bill Moyer's /Journal/ on PBS. His Feb. 25 talk will center on fair use, politics and online video. "  Lessig will address copyright issues in a digital age," said Autumn Labbe-Renault, executive director of DMA. "As a media center, we are frequently faced with issues of 'fair use' -- limited use of copyrighted material without permission from those who hold the rights to such material. "  This digital age of mashups and remix begs for discussion and accurate information for those who use readily available information for purposes ranging from research and criticism to entertainment with video," she said. "DMA is committed to exploring these larger media and policy issues with our community."

Lessig's lecture will last 45 minutes and be followed by a 30-minute interactive Q & A session. Elizabeth Stark of the Open Video Alliance moderates. Questions can be submitted using the hashtag #wireside. The live webcast is free and available to all at http://openvideoalliance.org/lessig. The Open Video Alliance is a coalition of organizations and individuals devoted to creating and promoting free and open technologies, policies, and practices in online video.

DMA is our area's community media center, providing access to media technology and training across many platforms. DMA will host a large-screen viewing area and offer refreshments and discussion following the presentation.