KDRT 10th Birthday Celebration & Dance Party

We’re having a huge celebration and dance party on Saturday, April 25, featuring the music of The Smoke Shovelers, Gravy Nation, and Boca do Rio at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall. 

KDRT, “Where the Grass Roots Grow” was launched as a non-commercial community radio station on Sept. 24, 2014 and is enjoying a yearlong celebration of its growth and success over the ensuing decade.

We thank these multi-talented musicians for their generosity in playing for this show. Big thanks also to the Davis Odd Fellows Music Committee; Gabe Lewin & Clarity Sound; the Davis Food Co-Op; and the organizing team of Diane Crumley, Jim Buchanan, Pieter Pastoor, Doug Kelly, Jessica Kelly, Darrick Servis, Jeff Shaw and Autumn Labbe-Renault. Details & tickets here