Life in the Time of COVID-19: The Community Diary Project

Davis Media Access (DMA) invites you to help document the history we’re making during the COVID-19 pandemic by participating in a collaborative, virtual storytelling project here in Yolo County.  Upload videos to Read on to learn more about the project.

Historians are as informed by first-person recollection and ephemera as they are by world events. Think about those who kept diaries during the flu of 1918, or the spread of smallpox through the Americas. What we experience as individuals adds to a greater understanding of the crisis we’re weathering as a whole. In this spirit, DMA is launching Life in the Time of COVID-19: Yolo County Community Diary as a collaborative storytelling project during this time of societal shift.

Using your cell phone, you are invited to record and upload a brief (we recommend 90 seconds or less) description of some aspect of your experience. What’s it like to work from home? To home school your children? How is your business or non-profit adjusting? How are you reshaping your creative expression? How are you struggling? Who is helping you? What places in Yolo County are soothing your socially distanced soul? These can be serious, humorous, or informative.

It’s quick, easy, free, and open to anyone in Yolo County. By uploading your video, you acknowledge that you understand it may be used as part of the project, and can therefore be seen/heard by the public. DMA reserves the right to not use any submission.