Local Programming


Channel 15 is a community platform. Locally originated, volunteer-produced content accounts for 1,040 programming hours per year, or average of 20 hours per week.
Programs produced by DCTV volunteers run the gamut, from live weekly gospel or rock showcases, to political commentary; from environmental and social justice documentaries, to interviews with various prestigious emeriti of UC Davis. Volunteers use DMA equipment to produce field and studio programs, or to edit footage they've already shot.Public access channels began -- and remain first and foremost? -- platforms for the free expression of ideas and opinions. Programming on DCTV varies from week to week, and some of it may be challenging, amusing, or of a different quality than commercial programming. But much of is produced right here in Davis, CA, by our neighbors and friends, who are learning skills and telling their stories through the medium of community television.

Increasingly, DCTV volunteers are not only airing their programs on Channel 15, but using the Internet to distribute their content more widely. We offer training and equipment that supports these efforts as well.

We support a two-camera studio and control room, complete with green screen and lighting grid. Field equipment includes Canon Xl-2 and Gl-2 cameras, MacBook Pro laptops, mics, cables, and all the accessories necessary for field productions.

In 2007-08, our two edit suites were equipped with MacBook Pros and external harddrives, and operated Final Cut Express. As of this writing, our suites have been upgraded to full Mac workstations and run Final Cut Pro. Both are setup for voiceovers as well, and are used to create a variety of public service announcements.