News from Davis Media Access - October 2011


  • Next General Orientation
  • DMA consumer education grant
  • Thanks to Karen Vanderford
  • Why does the CAP Act matter?
  • Volunteer nets award for short documentary
  • Wrapping up the Backlot
  • Check out these local media productions
  • You make a difference!

Right now the question DMA’s staff is hearing most often is:  “when will the new studio be ready for me to produce shows?”

We love—love—the enthusiasm. We can’t wait for producers to use the new space! But as anyone who’s ever experienced any kind of remodel can tell you, everything takes twice as long as you think it will. Along the way, we realized some things about our training model and how the new studio will impact it, which has provided some interesting and exciting twists to our revamp—as well as a great deal more work.

In the past month, DMA’s staff has worked on installing the rest of the equipment; has waited (and is still waiting) for various pieces and parts held up in transit (a delayed reaction to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, impacting the electronics manufacturing industry in a profound way); designed a set, and begun the process of converting manuals into usable information. We’re down to only about 100 niggly details and getting ourselves trained on the equipment. At this point, we hope to trial a show or two in early November, and be ready to roll in full in December.

We thank everyone for understanding the scope of this project and how hard we’re working toward completion—and for putting up with the seemingly endless mountains of boxes and packing materials. It’s the biggest project here in years!

            --Autumn Labbé-Renault, Executive Director

General Orientation                                                                                   

Curious about KDRT, DCTV or DJUSD Channel 17, and want to learn how Davis Media Access can help you? Plan to attend one of our General Orientations!  Held monthly, orientations last about an hour and include the history of Davis Media Access, a tour of the facilities, and information on how to get involved.  Anybody is welcome to attend an Orientation, but to use the facility for your own productions you have to live, work, go to school, or volunteer at an organization in Davis, California.  DMA does not charge for the use of our equipment and facilities and attending a General Orientation is the first step for getting involved.

Event Date: 

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 6:30pm- 8:00pm

Register here

DMA Receives Consumer Education Grant                                                         

DMA has been awarded a grant from the California Consumer Protection Foundation via its Telecommunications Consumer Education Fund. The funds will be used to enhance education efforts around the Telecommunications Bill of Rights by incorporating the information into new and existing training programs at the media center.

Consumer education and community media share several commonalities, including an emphasis on a right to information and a right to be heard. In particular, community media and consumer education advocates share common ground in the battle over media consolidation. Where consumer advocacy work often (and necessarily) focuses on legal and policy, community media focuses on direct services to local communities. DMA is excited to merge the two in an effort that may serve as a roadmap for other communities in California.

Thank you to The Utility Reform Network, Legal Services of Northern California – Yolo County, and the Mexican American Concilio of Yolo County for pledging their support of this project.

Thanks to Karen Vanderford                                                                                       

We bid adieu to Karen Vanderford, front office coordinator, at the end of September. Karen came to us via a federal job training program for seniors in September 2009, and ably held down the front desk for two years. We thank Karen for her work and ready smile, and wish her all the best.

Times are tight for non-profits and we’re no exception, and we do not plan to replace this position at present. Thanks for your understanding as our small staff works to be responsive to all.

What is the CAP Act, and why does it matter?                                                

Community Access Preservation Act (CAP Act), H.R. 1746 was introduced in May by Congresswoman Baldwin of Wisconsin and Congressman LaTourette of Ohio. The passage of this Act is critical for the survival of local Community Media Centers – and local communities.   Unlike public broadcasting which receives a federal appropriation from Congress, community media does not receive federal or state funding but relies on fees paid by cable companies through franchise agreements.  Additionally, community media is often the only source of local news and information in many communities.   The CAP Act responds to several immediate threats to public, educational and governmental cable channels around the country. Please help us protect community media centers across the nation. Email to Congress here

DMA volunteer’s documentary short nets award                                                      

We are happy to announce that DCTV Volunteer Producer Nicolette Gmoser-Daskalakis won a WAVE Award for her documentary short, "Whymcycles - A Boy and His Bikes," which profiles the inimitable Peter Wagner. Congratulations, Nico!

The WAVE (Western Access Video Excellence) Awards were awarded Oct. 8 in San Jose as part of the Western Region Conference of the Alliance for Community Media. During the luncheon, it was announced that the October 2012 conference would be hosted by Access Sacramento and Davis Media Access. DMA is pleased to have been invited to help organize this important regional gathering. 

Wrapping up the Backlot

Thank you to the many businesses and individuals who made Sept. 17's "On the Backlot" celebration at Davis Media Access successful. We had a wonderful time unveiling our newly revamped community TV studio, celebrating KDRT's seventh birthday and highlighting local musicians. We also dedicated our recently built ramp to the memory of longtime volunteer George Moore. Nat Lefkoff, Tha Dirt Feelin', Belle Francisco, Hardwater and special surprise guest Dave Nachmanoff all graced the stage. We thank them for their generous donation of time and talent. Thank you also to the Fire Performers of Davis for their impromptu performance. Thanks to our generous business sponsors: Foley Jones & Associates; Strelitzia Flower Company; Chamberlain Farms; Linda Liu at Noodle City; and Soroptimist International of Davis. We'd like to give a nod to Carlos Barajas at Hibbert Lumber for his problem-solving skills and willingness to help. Thanks also to Watermelon Music, Redwood Barn Nursery, Kimo at A Grand Affair, Cleaning Pros, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Davis, and Hsui Young for generously helping us out. Thanks to Mayor Joe Krovoza for performing the ribbon-cutting for the new studio, and for richly summarizing how communities with community media are more connected than those without. Thank you to recent UC Davis grad Emily Miller for her donation of graphic design services. Finally, DMA's many volunteers and supporters, and its wonderful board and staff, showed up in force to help, to experience and to enjoy. Former DMA Board President Andrea Jones co-chaired and should take a bow. Her leadership these past many years has been remarkable.

Also deserving of a special shout-out: Jim Buchanan on sound; Lois Richter for stage design; Rod Moseanko and Diane Crumley for stage managing/band wrangling; Craig Labbe-Renault for hauling hay bales; John Jones for set-up help; Craig Blomberg and Frank Dogg for manning the grills. Thank you all!

Finally, check out these local media productions

Art & Angie’s YOLOTALES is a retro-inspired, classic kids’ show. Art & Angie say, “The show takes place in and around a small farm outside a fictional northwestern Yolo County town. We created the show in homage to the ‘locally’ produced children's shows of the 50s, 60's and 70's which have sadly, all but disappeared across the entire country. 

“The locally produced children’s shows of the past had an almost visceral, indomitable, fresh pioneering spirit and energy. But at their heart and even more importantly, they were just plain fun to watch. They’ve been replaced by what we consider to be corporate interest-laden, boardroom demographic, homogenized, nationally produced, have-had-all-the-fun-market-researched-out of them... pap.

“Yolotales is our response. It's hyper-local, loose, zany, creative, fun and can even be a wee bit educational sometimes!”Art & Angie say their goal is to become THE“hometown“ television show for all of Yolo County, eventually spreading the good word of this beautiful and often overlooked region throughout northern California and beyond!  You can visit Yolotales on line here. Yolotales is currently airing on DCTV and available at

And on KDRT: Chris Mussen celebrates three years on the air this month. Chris launched “A Constant Grin” on KDRT in Oct. 2008. Each Friday from 2-2:30 p.m., he highlights  underrepresented rock sub-genres: shoegaze, noise rock, lo-fi, space rock, experimental, psychedelic, alt-folk, alt-country, from the 90's forward. Really good news & tidbits about the bands as well. Tune in! And find “A Constant Grin” and all the other KDRT programs on line, anytime, at

You Make a Difference!

DMA conducts its major fund-raising appeal each spring, but we actively seek our community's support year round.

Fundamentally, community media is about telling people’s stories. From those involved with the governance of our city, to those whose voices are marginalized, community media bridges economic strata, political affiliations and cultural backgrounds. Highlighting people’s stories helps us to share what’s important – what defines us and connects us as a community. These stories unfold through a complex narrative spanning community events, lectures, performances, meetings, interviews, public affairs, music and so much more.

It’s DMA’s mission to provide technology, access, training and support to encompass this broad range of voices and perspectives. We can't do this without consistent support from our community-- You help make this happen. Thank you!

Davis Community Television, dba Davis Media Access, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

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