Note From the Director

It’s mid-July, and on this particular day, the peasants pushed past the guards to commandeer my office. I’d be more alarmed, but the peasants are all short, around 10 years old, and remarkably good–natured. Welcome to the third of four summer youth camps at Davis Media Access (DMA). As far as I can tell, their collaborative production this week centers loosely on Shakespeare and carries an anti-bullying theme.

Summer here at DMA is largely about the kids—building skills in media production, project management, and collaboration. It’s also a time when staff has a chance to work on projects that we may not be able to get to during the busy academic year—and oddly enough, using the same skill sets! As a small non-profit straddling the realms of media, technology and community development, we work in a state of constant change. This summer, we’re evaluating how our programs and services need to also change to meet community need. I’ll share more next month. In the meantime, may your summer be joyful & free of marauders.

In community,

Autumn Labbe-Renault