Speak Out for Tolerance

Information about a video project happening at DMA this Thursday, July 12: 

In mid-June, the community was rattled by a noose left hanging on the Davis High School football field.  In response to hate acts like this and others that have occurred in the Davis community in the past, the city’s Human Relations Commission is working in partnership with Davis Media Access, the community media center serving Davis and surrounding areas, to create a video collage focused on tolerance.  The piece, entitled “Speak Out for Tolerance,” will reflect on experiences and viewpoints held by Davis community members.

The Commission is inviting interested community members to participate in initial filming on Thursday, July 12, at Davis Media Access (1623 5th Street between Redwood Barn Nursery and the City’s Corp Yard).  Filming will take place between 7pm and 9pm, and will be done on a drop-in basis, as time and space permit.

Interested individuals are encouraged to think about diversity and discrimination in Davis and how they might answer the question “what does tolerance mean to you” in one or two sentences.  Each participant will have a chance to record their brief thoughts before the camera.  At the conclusion of the project, Davis Media Access will piece together all the individual recordings for a video collage.  The collage will be broadcast on DCTV and KDRT and available for download at DMA.org

Anyone of any age who is interested is encouraged to participate, individually, or with a small group.  Participants are asked to please wear pastel, earth tones or other solid colors, and to avoid solid white, super saturated bright red, pin stripes, busy patterns, and reflective jewelry.  (Note: television equipment cannot record these colors and patterns well, especially white).

Additional questions should be directed to Commission Chair Judith Plank at davisfilmfest@gmail.com or to CommissionVice-Chair Craig Blomberg at cyclrn@me.com.