Thank you to our 2018-19 Donors

Donations, whether by local businesses, donor-advised foundations, or individuals, keep KDRT on the air, and help support DMA's work on local election & youth media services. We fundraise all year, but conduct our major drive during the spring months, with on-air fundraisers on KDRT in both fall and spring. Our goal for this year is $30,000. DMA's donors and supporters make possible a great deal of the work we do. We appreciate you! This list is current as of Nov. 30, 2018.


$1,000 & Above

Berryessa Brewing Co.

Craig & Darien Blomberg

Davis Odd Fellows

Jessica Kelly Via a workplace match from Cisco/Bright Funds Foundation

Woodstock's Pizza



Sharon Hale & Dawn Student



Clyde Bowman

Dave & Joycelyn Hart

Andrea Jones

Lorenzo Kristov

Pieter & Jeanne Pastoor

Chris Sanborn & Catherine LeBlanc

Sudwerk Brewing Company

Karen Vikstrom



Wayne Hagen

Sequoia Harless

Jessica & Doug Kelly

Stephanie Koop

Karen Leyse

Bob Lewis

Patrick McGuire

Bejamin Millam

Rod Moseanko

Ted Parks

jesikah maria ross

BK Tarkington

Danny Tomasello

Russ Tucker

Bill Wagman

Judith Wydick



Alison Borkowska

Gary Chew

Robin Dewey

Joanne Haller

Kenneth Kirsch

Heidi Laurenson

Lee Maddex

Bonnie Mintun

Peter Schiffman

Nick Stidham



KZFR Chico

Heidi Bekebrede

Michael Bobell

Arlen Feldman

Dallas Kassing

Jeff Shaw

Eugenia Tam

Robert Thayer

Bob Wertzberger

Barbara West