Thank you to our 2019-2020 Supporters

Each year, Davis Media Access works hard to meet our $30,000 fundraising goal. Donations—whether by local businesses, donor-advised foundations, events or individuals—keep KDRT on the air, and help support DMA's work on local elections & youth media services. We fundraise all year, but conduct our major drive during the spring months, with on-air fundraisers on KDRT in both fall and spring. This list includes donors since July 1, 2019. DMA's donors and supporters make possible a great deal of the work we do. We appreciate you!


Craig Blomberg

Jesse Drew

Sam & Lori Hawk

Dawn Student & Sharon Hale

Katherine Tenerelli


Clyde Bowman

Nancy Flagg

Danny Tomasello



Annamaria Amenta

Matt Blake

Alison Borkowska

Dirk Brazi

l Ken Celli

Eunah Cho & Chris Preston

Ron Cotterel

Marguerite & Neal Fleming

Richard Ellis

Frank Fox

Curtis Fritz

Bob Fung

Valerie Jones & Joel Brumgardt

Dave & Joycelyn Hart

Nikhil Joshi

Autumn & Craig Labbe-Renault

Karen Leyse

Benjamin Millam

Rod Moseanko

Christine Owens

Ted Parks

Benton Rundquist

Bill Wagman

Doug Walter

Steven Zawilla

Robert Zierenberg


Jeffrey Ambers

Kenneth Beck

James Blackmarr

Nancy Bodily

Lellingby Boyce

Bill Buchanan

Steve Burns

Larry Fisher

Glenn Karnofsky

Liz King

Mary Ann Laumas

Lee Maddex

Janell Morrow

Gretchen Peralta

Tanya Perez

Judith Plank

Dave Powell

Dave “Rusty Nail” Reynolds

Marilyn Schiffman

Peter Schiffman

Kate Snow

Nicholas Stidham

Russell Tucker

Erik Vink

Ken Wagstaff


$5-$49 Gary Chew

Preacher Cleveland

Jim & Kathy Coulter

Diane Crumley


Mark Hyman

Diane McVicker

Susan Pelican

Carolyn Pfanner

Kevin Radley

Jeff Shaw

Eugenia Tam


Barbara West

Bob Wertzberger

Kenji Yamada

David Erskine-Zilbert