Two Departures, a Sabbatical, and a Wild Fox

One of our longest weekly KDRT Programmers is taking a four-month sabbatical. Live Tracks' Jim Buchanan will still assist with station operations and record live music around town, but will take a well-deserved break from his two-hour weekly show. Listeners are invited to tune in Thursdays at 7 p.m. to hear Sara TAPS broadcast The Awesome Patrol Show in his place. Sara is herself a longtime volunteer and programmer. We hope to see "Live Tracks" back in business by the summer.

Justin Cox, producer of 'Smashed and Rehashed', and also of the Album of the Week collective and part of 'One Health & Wildlife,' has moved to Orcas Island, WA. Part of a relocation for his job, the longtime Winters, CA resident will make occasional local appearances with his band The Polyorchids. While 'Smashed and Rehashed' is no more, the 'Album of the Week' and 'One Health and Wildlife Talk' continue.

Dennis Doner, a resident of Davis for 30 years, and programmer of 'World Reggae', is moving to Rohnert Park to be closer to family. We send him good vibes and wishes for a safe departure. You can now tune in to hear nationally syndicated show 'E-Town Music' on Thursdays at 10 a.m. until new local programmers are trained.

Lastly, we welcome longtime Davis residents Frank Fox and Dave Powell onto the airwaves on Feb. 13 with 'The Wild Fox Party' - tune in Tuesdays at 10 a.m. to hear doo wop, gospel  jazz blues rock n roll, Latino, African and hillbilly/country blue grass from the early 20's to contemporary times.