Updates from DCTV – Public Access Television

DMA ShortsCurrent DMA volunteers and producers are welcome to attend "DMA Shorts" on January 27 at 7pm. DMA Shorts will be a screening of DMA Producers (& friends) short-form completed work, current drafts, or other projects intended to provoke discussion. Look for a registration link on our DMA volunteer email list to guarantee a seat.

PSA Day: DMA knows how difficult it can be to get the word out about your programs and services—and on a budget, no less! Short, pithy, visual, inexpensive, and available online? We can help, via our annual PSA Day. This special production opportunity will help you make a 58-second public service announcement highlighting your organization and how it serves the community.  This year’s event takes place Feb. 10 & 11. Please see here for details and registration.  

Teen Animation Club: DMA is pleased to support a new club launched by 8th-grade Da Vinci student Zahra Baxi. A veteran of DMA’s Kid Vid Production and Animation camps, Zahra seeks to create a community of young animators who want to learn about more about animation. The club held its first meeting last month, along with adult mentors, and discussed possible activities for the year: meeting animators, working on animation projects, maintaining an animation blog, teaching animation to younger children, field trips to film festivals and screenings of animated films, and learning from each other. Email info@davismedia.org and we’ll put you in touch with club organizers.

Artist's Connection: "Artist's Connection" continues to provide unique insights into the world of making music. Check out the latest episode, in which host Kevin Fagan and artist Kari King discuss songwriting. More information available here