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Ah, December--one of those months in Davis where our community life overflows and everyone is intensely busy. That's certainly been the case at Davis Media Access. December has seen us finalize the new TV studio and begin to resume training and schedule productions; record winter performances in the schools, as well as a variety of community events; ramp up for grant-related outreach; and apply for new grants.

It was lovely to see some of you at our holiday mixer on Dec. 1, and if we missed you then, we promise many more opportunities for participation in 2012. Please note that DMA is closed from Friday Dec. 23 through Monday, Jan. 2, 2012.

In the meantime, and in the midst of holiday chaos, I always try to create a quiet, still space where ideas can germinate, and dreams, incubate. I'm looking forward to resting and recharging for the work that lies ahead in January, and on behalf of all of us here, send warm wishes and gratitude to all of you, DMA's friends and supporters.                                                                              -

    -Autumn Labbe-Renault, Executive Director

Community events

“Canada’s Tar Sands are perhaps the most visually compelling example of all that is wrong with our addiction to fossil fuels and why we must change or face dire consequences for all life on Earth,”Garth Lenz states in his award-winning slideshow talk, The True Cost of Oil: Images of Beauty and Devastation

Happy New Year

As the year closes, I'm sifting through some favorite memories from 2012. At the start of the year, we relaunched the new television studio and began training community programmers again. By spring, we were ramping up for a busy election season on the local front, and attending and tabling at many community events. Summer found us ushering dozens of kids through Kid Vid and Animaniacs camps, teaching them valuable technical skills, as well how to have fun with them.

Moving an Archive

Over the holiday break, DMA's staff and volunteers began the large task of relocating our large media library--a collection of nearly 10,000 titles dating back to the early 1980s--from its physical space upstairs. The videos span many different formats and with assistance from interns, we are slowly digitizing them. In the meantime, they will be boxed and stored to free up space upstairs for other uses. A shout-out and thanks to DMA staffer Alex Silva-Sadder for managing the process,  and to volunteers Thomas xxx, Bryce Parker, Frank Dogg, Richard Sequest, and Cliff Gamble. 

News from Davis Media Access - February 2012


News from Davis Media Access - February 2012

DMA is the community media center for Davis and surrounding areas. DMA operates DCTV public access channel 15 and Educational Access Channel 17 (in partnership with the Davis Joint Unified School District), and low-power community radio station KDRT 95.7 FM. or (530) 757-2419 for more info. DMA is located at 1623 Fifth Street in Davis.

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  • A note from the Executive Director
  • DMA highlights both sides of Measure C
  • Registration open for summer kids' camps
  • Next Orientation Feb. 21
  • DMA to participate in Americorps program
  • In the Studio resumes regular production
  • Program notes: DCTV, DJUSD and KDRT
  • Thank you to our newest underwriters
  • Car Donations Benefit KDRT
  • Donate to Davis Media Access

A note from the Executive Director

My mantra as I talk to folks about Davis Media Access is "DMA builds community." The more we know about each other, the better informed and more compassionate we'll be. It's the touchstone I return to, and it's what keeps me doing this work. This newsletter brings you information about local election coverage; digital literacy opportunities for kids; capacity-building grants for our community; and a host of programs designed to educate, entertain and connect us. Thank you for reading, and for your participation and support. Please help spread the word about the good news that's DMA!

I would also like to announce that Ron Clement has been seated as the new Chair of the DMA Board of Directors. Ron has served on the board for two years and brings with him a wealth of experience in non-profit and foundation management. We thank him very much for taking up this mantle.
                                                                              --Autumn Labbe-Renault

News from Davis Media Access - October 2011


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  • DMA consumer education grant
  • Thanks to Karen Vanderford
  • Why does the CAP Act matter?
  • Volunteer nets award for short documentary
  • Wrapping up the Backlot
  • Check out these local media productions
  • You make a difference!

Right now the question DMA’s staff is hearing most often is:  “when will the new studio be ready for me to produce shows?”